From its start in 1.958, the “Villa Blanca” Restaurant has been distinguished by its cuisine as well as the recovering of the asturian traditional cooking.

Its cuisine is caracterized by the usage of natural ingredients, preferably local ones, which gives all meals a superb quality and taste.

We could take as an example some of the most popular specialities:

  • Lobster with Villa Blanca sauce..
  • Hake with creamy mushrooms.
  • Angler with shellfish sauce.
  • “Afogaos” squads.
  • Country chicken with peas and little potatoes.
  • Fig biscuit with nut cream on buscuit tulips.

Within the presmises, costumers can choose between a private balcony and two rooms with different furniture and design where they will be treated Both rooms are decorated with some paintings handed over by the winners of Luarca’s painting contests. Contests that are opened and closed at the restaurant premises.

Upon one of the inside walls there is a reproduction of the well-known picture "Mesa de los Mareantes"(“The table of the seamen”), representing a trade that has been the most important social institution in town for centuries.

Avda. de Galicia, 25-27
33700 LUARCA (Principado de Asturias)
Tlfonos.: (98) 5641035/5641079
Fax: (98) 5641079